Proof-of-Stake is less wasteful

When someone says “Proof-of-Stake is less wasteful”

Image of a diesel generator powering an EV charging station.

The prelude

Point David Schwartz: PoS gives a bigger bang for your buck

Counterpoint Paul: You can’t control the size of block rewards

Counter-counter-point Eric

Point Dan Robinson: Money is not a resource

Let’s agree as an industry to always use cows and volcanos for these analogies.

Counterpoint Paul: Money is actually a resource

Counter-counter-point Eric (#1)

Counter-counter-point Eric (#2)

Staking yields drop when the size of the staking pool grows from increased competition (source).

When someone says “Proof-of-Stake is less wasteful”

What does this mean for PoW?

Courtesy of John Adler.




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